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   About Us

Apart from supplying unique and innovative masonry and landscape products to the retail consumer, Prestige Brick & Stone is the leading supplier of masonry and landscape products to the region's top commercial and residential builders, masons and landscapers.

Our manufacturer selection strategy is simple, we have aligned ourselves with manufacturers that offer our clients a line-up of unique and innovative masonry and landscape products, backed by an industry-leading warranty.

It will certainly be our pleasure to personally show you all of the masonry and landscape products that we distribute in the region and to answer any questions you may have regarding our company, specific products, availability and pricing.

   Meet Our Team

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Andy Derix


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Gayle Derix


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Jen Barque

Sales / Order Fulfillment

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Rob Leizert

Sales / Order Logistics

   Professional Contractors

See why professional contractors choose to shop at Prestige Brick & Stone.

Try us once and you’ll see why our service is second to none. We give personal attention to each customer and hold ourselves accountable for every order and customer we work with, to the degree that we track deliveries and anticipate challenges before they have a chance to become problems.

In addition to our advertising, referral and pricing programs, we offer you exception
al sales support which includes, our representatives, our indoor and outdoor displays, our product catalogues and brochures.

Note: If you are a recognized professional and don’t have your portal access details, please contact Andy or Gayle Derix at 613.930.9001.


John Villeneuve
Four-Ever-Green Landscaping

As a contractor, Prestige Brick & Stone has been a valuable resource to my business. Andy, Gayle and staff are courteous and knowledgeable always putting their best foot forward to help you out any way they can.

Thank you for many years of excellent service.
Pierre Grenier
Summit Masonry

As a leading masonry contractor in SDG, we take great pride in the products we use, as well as the clientele we serve! Remarkable service, friendly advice and professional transactions are what keeps us coming back to “The Shop”!! Your Prestige team, helps us deliver to our costumers, what they expect most; nothing but the best products and service!
Troy Mitchell
Precision Hardscapes

I have been a customer at Prestige for going on 10 years. Andy and his team have been there for me every step of the way, from planning and design to finding new customers and growing my small business. Prestige is the first call I make when tackling a new job.

Keith Leclair

K. L. Property Maintenance

Andy and his team are awesome!! Very knowledgeable about all the products they carry. They also have a list of great contractors that could assist with your project.

Todd Lauzon
Brick Set Masonry

If your looking for high quality products. And that same quality in customer service. Hit Andy up at prestige. For the best deals and professional advice on anything. From products, to who he thinks would fit best to do the job for you. Shop where the professionals shop.

Kim Sabourin

Home Owner

Always greeted with a friendly smile. Beautiful displays outside/inside. Andy is a man with great ideas, knowledge. Excellent customer service. You run out of material, Andy makes sure you get what you need in no time at all. Delivery team are always on time and super nice.

Spencer Roy
Royal Property Solutions

Andy and his team of experts are the upmost professional landscape supply company.

Tim Ouimet
Home Owner

Great place in Cornwall to grab stones, fill and edging. Helpful friendly service. A must.

Debra-Lynn Bellefeuille
Home Owner

Excellent Customer Service.

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Brickstop Aluminum Paver Edgers Brickstop Polyurethane Adhesives Brickstop Screed Rails & Bars

Brickstop Block & Paver Splitters Brickstop Landscape Rakes Brickstop Marking Paints & Guns

Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures
Low Voltage Tranformers
Low Voltage Wires

Slate Urn Fountain Kits Slate Sphere Fountain Kits
Set of 3 Columns Fountain Kits

Large Block / Slab Lifters
Hand Held Block Lifters
Hand Held Paver Lifters

Hand Truck
Wheel Barrows Paver Suction Tools

OX Concrete Chisels & Splitters OX Work Gloves OX Levels

OX Shovels OX PPE Safety Kits
OX Safety Vests

OX Hammers OX Knee Pads OX Chalk Line Reels

OX Pencils OX Utility Knives
OX Caulking Guns

OX Combination Rubber Mallets OX Standard & Open Reel Tape Measures OX Straight Tin Snips

OX Nylon Brick Lines OX Asphalt Blades OX Concrete Blades

OX T-Squares OX Kneeling Boards OX Counter Dusters

OX Ratchet Tie Downs OX Ear Defenders OX Safety Glasses

OX Safety Face Shields OX Respirators
Lawn Edgers

Gator Xtreme Edge Gator Nitro Jointing Sand Flexlock Polymeric Stone Dust

Flexlock Ultra G2 Polymeric Sand Flexlock G2 Polymeric Sand Gator Aqua Rock

Gator Base Gator Base Screws
Gator Plastic Paver Edgers

Gator Nails Gator Sealing Rollers Flexlock Eco Seal High Gloss

Flexlock Efflorescence Cleaners Flexlock Shampoos Flexlock Rust Removers

Flexlock Rubber, Paint & Tar Removers Gator XP Oil & Grease Removers Flexlock Polyurethane Adhesives

Gator GF5 Woven Geotextiles
Gator GF3.5 Non-Woven Geotextiles
Gator GG 30-30 Geogrids

   Natural Stone Products

Skidded Armour Stone

Skidded Guillotined Armour Stone

Skidded Flagstone

Bubbling Rocks

Feature Stones

Steps, Wall Coping & Pillar Caps

   Bulk Landscape Products

Natural Cedar Mulch

Red Cedar Mulch

Black Cedar Mulch

1/4" - 1/2" Peastone

1" - 2" River Rock

3" - 6" River Rock

Stone Dust

5/8" Minus Gravel

3/8" Clear Gravel

5/8" Clear Gravel

Masonry / Play Sand

Screened Topsoil

Triple Mix Soil

3/4" - 1 1/2" Black Granite

3/4" - 1 1/2" White Marble

1420 Boundary Road, Cornwall, Ontario K6H-7P8

We are Cornwall's #1 Masonry & Landscape Products Supplier.

We are your source for;

Brooklin Concrete - Rinox - Techo-Bloc:
Pavers, Slabs, Walls, Caps, Edges, Steps and Outdoor Features

Bradstone -
Rinox - Techo-Bloc:
Full Size Brick and Stone

EcoStone - StoneRox:
Thin Brick and Stone

Stone Deck Innovations:
SilcaGrate, PaverDeck, TileDeck, Tiles, Bison and Eterno Ivica Pedestals

Polymeric Sand, Sealers, Cleaners, Paver Edging, Fabrics and Gator Base

Paver Edging, Landscape Tools, Lighting, Lifting Equipment and Splitters

Lighting, Water, Fire, Audio, Outdoor Fans and Grill

OX Tools:
Blades, Core Drills, Masonry Tools, Landscape Tools and Safety Wear

Great North Hardscapes:
Landscape Tools and Lifting Equipment