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About Our Company

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the updated Prestige Brick & Stone website.

Apart from supplying
unique and innovative masonry and landscape products to the retail consumer, Prestige Brick & Stone is the leading supplier of masonry and landscape products to the region's top commercial and residential builders, masons, landscapers, garden centers, contractors and sub-contractors.

Our manufacturer selection strategy is simple, we have aligned Prestige Brick & Stone with manufacturers that offer our clients a line-up of unique and innovative masonry and landscape products, backed by an industry-leading warranty.

It will certainly be our pleasure to personally show you all of the masonry and landscape products that we distribute in the region and to answer any questions you may have regarding our company, specific products, availability and pricing.

Please enjoy browsing our updated website.

Building and Landscape Contractors: See for yourself why more and more contractors are sourcing their materials from Prestige Brick and Stone.

Try us once and you’ll see why our service is second to none. We give personal attention to each customer and hold ourselves accountable for every order and customer we work with, to the degree that we track deliveries and anticipate challenges before they have a chance to become problems.

In addition to our contractor advertising, referral and pricing programs, we offer you exceptional sales support which includes, our representatives, our indoor and outdoor displays, our product catalogues and brochures. Call or visit us today!

Payment Methods

We accept a wide variety of payment types and you are free to choose the method, or combination of methods.

Canadian and American currency
Personal and Business cheques
Debit / ATM cards
Visa and MasterCard
Prestige Brick and Stone Commercial Credit Account

The Prestige Brick & Stone Commercial Credit Account program is designed specifically for the region's top commercial and residential builders, masons, landscapers, garden centers, contractors and sub-contractors who pay their balance in full by the statement due date.

Establishing a Prestige Brick & Stone Commercial Credit Account will ensure that you and your employees get the materials you want quickly. Each purchase is trackable by date, product, quantity and who picked up the material.

Our monthly statements are easy to read and understand, and will include a copy of each invoice for that billing period.
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Pick-Up or Delivery
Our helpful yard staff always provide assistance to customers who prefer to pick-up their own masonry / landscape product purchases.

However, for your convenience we also offer a reliable, cost-effective delivery service using the Moffett Delivery System (truck mounted forklift) or pick up truck.

The Moffett Delivery System is a proven method for delivering pallets of masonry / landscape products and has revolutionized efficiency.

Historically, pallets of masonry / landscape products were delivered to the edge of a construction site by a truck mounted crane. The customer then had to manually move the masonry / landscape products to where the work was actually being done. In contrast, the Moffett Delivery System enables the onsite truck driver to deliver pallets of masonry / landscape products exactly where the customer wants them at the construction site.

The Moffett Delivery System reduces re-handling of masonry / landscape products and therefore minimizes cost, reduces product damage, eliminates physical strain through unnecessary manual handling and ultimately reducing worker injuries and compensation claims.

Great options and you decide which one is the most practical for your particular masonry / landscape project.

Moffett Delivery System.

Landscape Products

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Garden Center Products

Screened Topsoil

2' x 5' Rolls of Sod

Stone Dust

5/8" Minus Gravel

Red Cedar Mulch

Natural Cedar Mulch

1" to 2" River Rock

1/4" to 1/2" Peastone

1" to 2" Clay Brick Chip

1" to 2" Granite Chip
Washed Masonry Sand

Masonry Products

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Local Landscapers

a qualified contractor is as important as the choosing the materials themselves. The quality and durability of your project depends on a job well done and that means a job undertaken by specialists. Here are a few helpful tips on selecting the right contractor for you:

Be sure to ask for at least three references.

Ask to see examples of their work, making sure that the contractor has sufficient experience performing the scope and type of work you want.

Not every contractor is going to have a retail-style place of business; many, in fact, work out of an office in their home. This doesn’t make them any less qualified or skilled. More important are their credit references, years in business, and insurance status.

Speaking of insurance: ask to see their liability coverage and workmen's compensation insurance certificates.

Comparison shop: get at least two but preferably three estimates from different contractors.

Get a thorough proposal in writing. Be sure to include a complete description of the work to be performed, specific products to be used, warranty length and coverage, payment terms, and any other pertinent issues.

Do not allow the use of “substitute materials”, and be wary of any written stipulations or clauses that permit their use.

Especially important for larger jobs: have the contractor put in writing the stipulation that all code requirements will be met, and denote who will be responsible for obtaining the necessary permits.

If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Be suspicious of bids that are unrealistically low, and don’t jump on a “bargain basement” price for materials, either.

You get what you pay for. The use of lesser-quality materials, no matter how insignificant it may seem, will only come back to haunt you in the end. Do not cut corners to save a buck; you will regret it.

Never, ever, ever pay in full for work until it has been completed to your satisfaction.

In the end, it is up to you to decide whether a contractor is suitable for your particular job.

Click on the Contractor's Business Card to enlarge the image.

Cameron - AppleHill Construction

Matt - Life and Landscape

Pierre - Summit Masonry

Joel - Cornwall Landscape

Chad - Natural Design Landscapes

Art - SunBurst Pools

Adelard - David Entreprise

Phil - P. C. Landscapes & Designs

Roger - Swiss-Bec Home Renovations

John - Four Ever Green Landscaping

Rosie - R.C. MacLeod Landscaping

Steve - TCB Landscaping & Snow Removal

Gilles- Gilden Wood & Stone Works

Andy - Scherer Gardening & Landscaping

Peter - The Dutchman Landscaping

Matt - Joyal Custom Landscaping

Martin - Seaway Valley Landscaping

Mike - Viau Interlocking & Landscaping

Steve - Landex Earthworks

Business Opportunities

Affiliate Dealers

We are looking for Affiliate Dealers that are 100% dedicated to the sales and marketing of our entire line of masonry and landscape products to builders, landscapers and home owners within a given territory.

Additionally, these are some of the personal traits that we look for in a prospective Affiliate Dealer:
  • Full time commitment to working on the business
  • Leadership and great people skills
  • Energy and a zeal for success
  • The ability to set and achieve goals
  • An entrepreneurial attitude
  • The ability to make sound business decisions
  • Good organization skills, the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects
  • Attention to detail
Our Affiliate Dealers are required to operate their business from a retail showroom.

Please contact Andy Derix at 613-930-9001 to setup an appointment.

Independent Sales Representatives

We are looking for Independent Sales Representatives to sell our products to builders, landscapers and home owners.

Products offered include: thin brick and stone veneer, house brick and stone, keystones, window sills, quoins, angle iron, angle iron capping, interlocking brick, interlocking brick cleaners and sealers, interlocking brick edgers, polymeric sand, retaining walls, adhesives, patio slabs, curbs, flagstone, boulders, geogrid, geotextile, sod, topsoil, stone dust, gravel, mulch, decorative stone, pond supplies, masonry and landscaping equipment.

This is a commission-only opportunity and our sales process is structured so you receive your commissions immediately upon your clients payment.

Please contact Andy Derix at 613-930-9001 to setup an appointment.

Partnership Opportunities

Do you have an existing business or a business idea that you feel will fit in with our existing business?

Please contact Andy Derix at 613-930-9001 to setup an appointment.

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